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photo T.P. Tovstik

Tovstik Tatiana Petrovna

Senior scientific researcher

E-mail: tovstik_t at mail.ru

Born November 20, 1966 in Leningrad. Graduated from Department of Mathematics and mechanics, State University of Leningrad. Speciality "Mechanics".
1988 - 1991 PhD student of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, State University of Leningrad. Speciality "Theory of elasticity".
2000 - Doctor (PhD.) in the field of Physics and Mathematics. Speciality “Mechanics of solids”.
1992 - 2001 Assistant, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, State Technical University of St. Petersburg.
Since 2001 - researcher of the laboratory of Mechatronics, IPME RAS.

Scientific interests:

1. Rigid body dynamics. Dynamics of centrifuges on an elastic rod, the problem of the motion of the Celt stone.

2. The theory of rods, plates, shells. The problem of the Euler elastica, models of rods, plates and shells from an anisotropic material.

3. Building a model of the crystal lattice of graphite and study its mechanical properties. Discrete and continuum approach.