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The main scientific directions of research

Development of the theory of the micromorphic multi-polar continuum within the framework of phenomenological and microstructural approaches for the purpose of the simulation of magnetic crystals.

fluorographene pairwise moment potential

Study of wave and dynamic processes in the heterogeneous elastic reduced Cosserat medium with the applications to different dielectrics. Analysis of the phenomenon of localization, wave fronts under the pulse action.

Obtaining the indicial equations of the micro-polar theory of piezoelectric crystals from the laws of thermodynamics by the principle of independence from the reference system.

Study of the mechanical properties of nano-crystal and objects of nano-dimensional scale level.

Study of the influence of scaling with the decrease of significant dimensions to the nano-size.

Analysis of the mass center motion of the rotating bodies in the force field and in the inertial space.

Study of splitting the random field of the vibrations of the molecules of substance for the macro-oscillation of continuum and the chaotic (thermal) motions. Appearance and the evolution of acoustic and optical phonons.

Dynamics of rigid body, based on the direct tensor calculus.

Methods of dynamics of discrete-continuous systems with the rotational degrees of freedom.

rotation gyrostats

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